🎬 Stannah introduces the stair lift

🎬 Stannah introduces the stair lift

25 Apr 2024•

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Today, Stannah presents to you the stair lift!

A stair lift is a home assistance device designed to help people who have difficulty going up and down their stairs. It is particularly useful for the elderly or those with reduced mobility due to health issues such as arthritis, knee or hip problems, or other medical conditions.

The device typically consists of a rail fixed along the staircase and a motorized seat or platform that moves along this rail. It can be installed on different types of stairs, whether straight or curved, inside or outside the house. To use a stair lift, the user sits on the seat or stands on the platform, fastens the seatbelt, and then operates the controls to start the movement. The device then moves slowly and smoothly along the rail, allowing the user to safely ascend or descend the stairs with little effort.

Stair lifts are a convenient and safe way to enable people with reduced mobility to maintain their independence at home by providing easy access to all floors of their house, without having to move or undertake major renovation works.

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đź’ˇAbout Stannah

Stannah is a stairlift manufacturer established in sixty countries. With over 800,000 stairlifts produced, it is now the world's largest manufacturer. Stannah France markets straight, curved, and outdoor stairlifts that adapt to all types of stairs. The company is also a major player in vertical elevation by offering lifting platforms, as well as private lifts and indoor elevators.

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