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The all-in-one connected solution for safe gait training

New from6 000 €
Leasing from150 € / month
Short term rental available
Prices for individuals in France

Second hand equipment
Amy, treadmill for gait rehabilitation and training at home
  • Treadmill 10 cm from the ground
  • Sturdy frame
  • Fall arrest harness
  • Landscapes
  • Analysis
  • Oriented Games
  • Focus
  • Responsiveness
  • Memory
  • On site or at distance
  • Regular monitoring by a professional
Your equipment is no longer used?
EzyGain buys it back!

A physical activity tool adapted for your home

ceMade in FranceISO 13485
Dimensions of Amy treadmill
Speed: from 0.2 to 3 km/h
Wattage : < 400 W
Connexion between Amy and the tablet: Bluetooth Low Energy
Maximum authorized user weight: 100 Kg
Harnesses and support bars adaptable to children

Our users and their helpers testify!

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amy® is compatible the virtual reality module VR Essential . It allows to train gait, upper limbs and observation simultaneously.