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The most compact and complete solution to verticalize and train with weight lightening

Ema, treadmill for gait rehabilitation and training
  • 130 kg
  • From the wheelchair
  • Easy harness installation
  • Weight lightening and anti-fall safety
  • Walking landscapes
  • Analysis
  • Oriented games
  • On site or at distance
  • Regular monitoring by a professional
  • Focus
  • Reactivity
  • Memory
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The treadmill with relief weight for rehabilitation

ceMade in FranceISO 13485
Dimensions of Ema treadmill
Wattage < 400 W
Connexion between Ema and the tablet: Bluetooth Low Energy
Maximum authorized user weight:130 Kg
Wheelchair access ramp: Yes
Harnesses and support bars adaptable to children

Our users and their caregivers testify!

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« Ema® with VR Pro »
ema® is compatible with our virtual reality modules  VR Pro  and  VR Essential . The first rehabilitation treadmill with 360° immersive gait training.